If you’re stuck on anything Curious Being related, the first place to look is our community chat server on Discord. If that’s a problem, check the “Using Discord” section below.

Using Discord

Discord is a free chat service. It’s divided into servers, and one of them is Curious Being. Each server is managed by different people, and has different members and different rules. You can join as many servers as you like. You can of Discord like a WhatsApp group, but where you can do a lot more stuff.

Each Discord server is divided into multiple channels. These channels help you navigate around and stay on topic. The default channel you join in Curious Being is called “social”, and you’ll likely see a lot of conversation (and some memes) there. You can also ask for help there if you’re stuck, though the “awkward-questions” channel is the right place to do that if you’re confident enough navigating.

As well as text channels, there are also forum channels and voice and video channels. Forum channels are still text-based, and organised into threaded topics. They make it easier to keep track of longer conversations, and to look stuff up for later use. The “resources-and-events” channel on our server uses this format. Video and voice channels are what they sound like - places where you can speak and video call, a bit like Zoom. To join one, you just click on it on the side-bar where all the channels a listed, and (if you’ve set up your mic and speakers properly) you’ll be able to chat away with anyone else in that room.

Using Github

The Curious Being Github Organization is where the code for this website is stored. It’s also where we organise and plan the background work of the community.